Everyone needs a web server for their website and other needs. Why not make sure its backed by the best in the industry.

We have partnered with Amazon to provide the very best in hosting for our clients. Every server is clean, up-to-date with security patches, and is backed up fully. This is probably the safest place on the web to host your website.

Maybe you need something even more secure for sensitive information. We also partnered with Amazon’s Government Cloud services to provide the most secure server environment possible. Each server we own is 100% maintained by a professional admin with state of the art monitoring.

Because every client’s needs are different, we structure our hosting packages to be inline with their needs. This means you never pay for more server than what is needed. Most of our clients pay only $7.95 per month for hosting. We also offer discounts for up front payments; just ask us how to save some money!

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