Grow Your Sales in a Non-Digital Way

Using print materials strategically can increase your sales and brand awareness.

It may be considered old fashioned by print marketing still has a place in today’s business. Yes there is mass mailings and ads in newspapers and magazines but these aren’t as effective as they once were. The kinds of print marketing that is effective comes in the forms of brochures, business cards, flyers, and informational handouts. These items may not present an immediate ROI, but they do serve as a reminder for those whose hands they end up in.

As an example, a local crafter has a digital marketing presence, they have an ecommerce website. But they also have handouts, special order forms, and business cards, all tailored with their business logo and branding. In the last two months they have handed out over 200 flyers and nearly 1,000 business cards. While at the time this had no impact on business, they are now being requested at various events and craft shows. Prior to assisting them with their needs, they averages $75 to $100 per show. Now they are doing close to $500 per show. The investment in print marketing is the reason for their success.

Print Marketing

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