How to Get a Million Dollars

How would you like a million dollars? You would be a fool to turn it down. It seems that everyone is chasing money these days, but why? Well, money pays for our house, our vehicle, our utilities, football helmets and ballet shoes, and of course, our wants. Money is what it takes to survive and you never seem to have enough of it. What if I told you though that money isn’t everything. I know you probably have heard that before and the common thought is “It may not be everything, but it sure does make life easier.” And it does make life easier if that’s all you care about. Turn the tables and offer me a million dollars. I may be a fool but I am going to turn you down and not accept it. Sounds crazy right? What if I told you that money has no value to me? It can’t buy happiness, it can’t buy satisfaction, it can’t buy self-worth, and more importantly, you can’t take it with you.

Gary VaynerchukI know you’ve heard before that money can’t buy happiness but the answer to obtain happiness is not so easily defined. In my previous blog post, I talked about pursuing your passion. That’s how you obtain happiness. Your family, your ability to help others, and your passion are the best ways to go to bed every night content and happy. If you ever wanted to meet a happy person, and a passionate person at that, look no further than Gary Vaynerchuk. The reason he is happy is that he has pursued his passion. Gary is a successful entrepreneur, started out with his father’s wine shop, built it up to a multi million dollar business, decided it wasn’t good enough and went on to start Wine Library TV – a daily YouTube video that Gary shared his passion for wine and answered his viewer’s questions. You may look at the guy and think he’s crazy insane for the work he puts in but his passion is what brought him his wealth, and he could care less how much money he has.

I’ll be honest, Experius is my seventh attempt at a business. I failed in six other businesses but I have succeeded in this one and the only difference is I stopped chasing after money. When I started Experius, I had a desire and a passion not just for marketing, but to help others succeed. I didn’t care and still don’t care about the money. The bills are always paid and my business is growing but I have discovered that when I stop focusing my energy on making a dollar and instead pour it all into my passion, my customers are happier, I’m happier, and I know at the end of the day that I gave back or helped another person with their passion. The other six businesses, I cared more about making a dollar and focused so much energy into that principle that I forgot why I was even going into business.

So to answer the question in the title, “How to Get a Million Dollars,” you need to focus on four things. If you have not read my previous blog post, I strongly suggest you do so now. It is to your advantage as it will help answer what you are passionate about. This is the first thing you must do to be successful. The second item is just as important and it is finding what you love. If you’re like me, I’m passionate about helping others and I do this through my love of marketing. The third item is figuring out how your passion could be used to solve a need. Not your own need but the needs of others. If I help other businesses succeed, I am helping others achieve their passion. The last component is figuring out how to get paid for this. This last part is a little bit tricky. It’s figuring out how to sell what you are doing without making it focus on money. For me and Experius, I found that offering advice and guiding others in their business adventure is my way of pursuing my passion and not focusing on money. Where we make our money is on the marketing services that we provide.

Simply put, find what your passionate about and love to do, how can you use this to solve a need, and how do you make money from it. The only other thing you need to do is work hard and I can’t stress this enough. If you still have questions or curious on how to get started, give us a call or email us. I’m more than happy to share some advice, encouragement, or just answer your questions.

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